Authentica is a boutique customer experience consultancy, committed to helping you achieve a relationship of trust with your customers, by reliably delivering experiences they value.

We believe authenticity is the stepping stone to trust: being genuine and honest in what you deliver as well as how you relate to your customers and employees.

Working with us, you’ll experience our philosophy first hand:

  • We’ll deliver what we say we will… and we’ll do our utmost to exceed your expectations
  • We’ll keep things simple using uncomplicated language… impressing you with results over how clever we sound
  • We’ll tell you the truth about what we see, what we can help with… and what we can’t
  • We’ll be loyal and genuine champions of you and your organisation




I founded Authentica because I feel determined to ensure customers receive the service and experiences they expect. It’s partly due to my strong values of fairness and integrity… but it’s also because I know that when great experiences are delivered consistently, customers become loyal fans, staff become proud of what they do and the organisation thrives.

Before Authentica, Abi spent 10 years with John Lewis and Waitrose, leading frontline operational teams, training customer service and developing a multitude of strategic service-enhancing initiatives. With early career grounding as a Manufacturing Engineer in continuous improvement methodologies, and qualifications in both Coaching and Counselling, she brings a unique blend of expertise which enables her to quickly and accurately identify opportunities for enhancement and facilitate effective solutions.

While much of her experience comes from the Retail and FMCG sectors, she recently shared her insights with government organisations, having been invited to give evidence at a Parliamentary Select Committee exploring best-practice in complaint-handling – (WATCH HERE)